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Birthdays and Commemorative Parties to Remember!

We all have Birthdays. Most are celebrated with a party or gathering of friends and family, the giving of gifts and cutting of a cake.

Some birthdays are historically more special than others. First, Thirteenth, Eighteenth, Twenty-first, Fortieth, Fiftyeth, and each successive decade.

It is usual for someone to give a speech at these Birthday Celebrations.

A Civil Celebrant will work with you to create a co-ordinated ceremony to formally identify the Uniqueness of the person and the significance of their life within their own family and community.

Each Birthday is special and commemorating a significant or other Birthday with a Celebration of that person's life to this point, rather than the number of years that have passed is becoming more and more popular.

'This is Your Life' Type Ceremonies

We have all seen the very popular Television program "This is your life". It is in fact a tribute to the life of a person. It recognizes their achievements, friendships, relationships, acts of goodness and charity; Their successes in sport, education, business or other endeavours are commemorated and shared with the people closest to them. Incorporating such a ceremony into a traditional Birthday celebration is a special way of recognising and paying tribute to a life well lived.

Sadly a person's life story and achievements are not told until a Eulogy is being said in their honour. Conducting a "This is your life Birthday" style ceremony is a way of honouring and recognizing the person, so that THEY can see and hear for themselves how much they are loved and valued.

This type of ceremony is most often provided when a person has reached a significant age, but there is no reason why it should not be incorporated into a much younger birthday celebration.

Allow us at Access Civil Ceremonies to design a Worthy and Memorable tribute for you and your loved one to Celebrate not only their Birthday but their Life as well.

Please arrange a time to meet and talk with me at Access Civil Ceremonies. I can promise you something very special. Please give me a call, I will be very happy to answer any questions you may have 0401 275 678.

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