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What a Civil Celebrant can do

Every person passes many milestones as they progress through life's magnificent journey from birth to the grave. In the past, three major events in a persons life were, Birth, Marriage and Death and were commemorated with a religious ceremony. The unity and fellowship of community was supported by regularly attending a place of worship.

Today, communities do not worship as often as in the past and as a result people do not feel as comfortable having a religious ceremony to honour their special occasion.

What is a Civil Celebrant?

Wedding Celebrant Civil celebrants are now performing many of the former traditional religious ceremonies and will conduct, Memorial Services, Pet funerals, House Warmings, Boat Naming, Engagemnets, Rites of Passage and many more.

A Civil Celebrant is trained to design and conduct a ceremony that can be as individual as you are. There are very few things that can not be incorporated into a civil ceremony.

A Civil Ceremony has almost unlimited flexability. You have complete control over the elements of the ceremony, such as the location, time, format, theme, dress code and the day of the week, readings, poetry, music, and who will participate in the day's proceedings.

At Access Civil Ceremonies your life Celebrant will meet with you for a FREE, initial consultation during which time we will get to know you, listen to you, offer suggestions, make resources available to you and work closely with you to ensure that your special ceremony is designed to meet your needs and wishes.

Every Access Civil Ceremony is individually created and uniquely designed to ensure that your needs are fully met.

Every ceremony is commemorated with a Certificate and Standard Ceremony presentation Booklet at no extra charge.

Because every ceremony provided by Access Civil Ceremonies is uniquely designed specifically for each client and the range of options are almost limitless, there can be no set fee for each service provided at this time. Your life Celebrant will provide you with a firm written quotation within seven days after the initial meeting.

When selecting a celebrant, take into consideration their availability, willingness to travel, their personality and creativeness. Your day and your ceremony is most important and it is imperative that you have an excellent rapport with your celebrant.


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