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Wedding Rituals Choices with Roslyn McFarlane Marriage Celebrant

Wedding Rituals

The Importance of Rituals

Ritual and Cultural practices have been an important part of Ceremonies and Celebrations for Centuries. So many common practices that are a part of our everyday modern life are indeed a Ritual based on Tradition, Culture or Religion.

They include the common giving of gifts for a Baby, a BIRTHDAYS or Christmas; The eating of Lamb at Easter; Naming a Ship or boat by breaking a bottle of Champagne on her bow; and Carrying a wedding bouquet to name just a few.

Including an additional ritual into a WEDDING CEREMONY adds colour, interest, and emotional significance to the event as well as giving recognition to your heritage and including family members in your Wedding Ceremony.

You may wish to incorporate some cultural practices such as a Tea Ceremony, Plate or Glass Breaking; a presentation of the Aras coins or by Jumping the Broom.

Other options include the Rose Ceremony, Hand Fasting, Water Ceremony, Wine Ceremony, Ring Warming, Love Lock, Stone Toss or anything else that is meaningful to you. The choice is entirely yours. There are many more available for you to consider in my Resources folder when you engage me as your Celebrant.

We can work together to create something that is very different but special and meaningful to you.

Unity Ceremonies

The concept of a Unity Ceremony is to create something that is visual and able to be retained which tells a simple story of how two individuals are joined and can never be separated.

Burning the wedding candle on each anniversary is a constant reminder of a wonderful wedding day while the lovely container of coloured sands expresses the individuality of each person who are joined for all time as one.

The basic choices can be modified to represent the two families rather than just the couple, by including parents and children. It is not uncommon to have more than one such ritual during the marriage ceremony.

The most popular Unity Ceremonies are the Sand and Candle Ceremonies which beautifully represent the joining of two lives into one. However, there are many other ways to personalise these to suit you and I can create many variations for you.


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